Our electricians are exclusively for emergencies?

Most of the electricians are monotributistas, on the other hand, others are part of the informal economy and need to continue working. How are they dealing with this situation? in this page of Emergency Electrician Dublin, we are going to discuss Are electricians exclusively for emergencies?

Grupo La Verdad spoke with Carlos Sanjorge, president of the board of directors of the Junín Chamber of Electricians (CEJ), who stated that “it is a really very complicated situation that we are experiencing and unfortunately it is up to all of us, whatever profession we have. The issue is that, for example, activities such as those related to health and others have to continue to function, and among those activities is ours, beyond the fact that we have agreed with those associated with the Chamber of Electricians to try to stay at home and go out exclusively for an emergency or electrical emergency. Logically, our activity is also suffering the same situation as other sectors and we are not oblivious to the economic problems of our country ”.


Regarding the 174.35 Euro bonus that will be granted to some sectors, he stressed that “in particular, this bonus does not touch me anymore a large sector of monotributistas either because many of us are category“ C ”upwards, and it is only for categories A and B. Since last year, the monotax increased between 30 and 40% and the work decreased almost 50%. On the one hand, the State asks you to contribute and raises your taxes on the other. There are many electricians that we can afford and there are others who are really going through a difficult situation and now everyone needs to go out to work ”.

The job

On how they handle an emergency, he said that “a client called me indicating that the bathroom wall had electricity and I explained that first I had to do a series of papers to be able to go to her house. I was able to do all the necessary documentation to circulate and I went because that is an emergency. This type of emergency had to be considered and in this, we had communication with people from the municipality and from security so that they could explain to us how we did it. So much so that Dr. Agustina de Miguel stated that we could work in electrical emergencies and for this, among other things, monotributistas must have a certificate from the AFIP. The issue is that unfortunately those colleagues who are not monotributistas are not contemplated in the exception ”

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